Your Online Trail and Travel Guide for Snowmobiling the U.S. & Canada

Make a plan

Take a Friend
Don’t snowmobile alone. Not only is snowmobiling more fun with family and friends, it’s safer too!

File A Plan
Airplane pilots and boaters file flight and float plans, respectively, so that others know where to look if they’re overdue.

“Snow plans” describing your machine and your planned route can be time- and life-savers. Leave only with your family or friends.

Like those who file travel plans, always let your family and friends know you’re back or have arrived at your destination. No one likes needless searches.

A Good Turn
Other snowmobilers and car drivers need to know what you’re up to. Remember the basic hand signals:

  • Left Turn: left arm extended straight out
  • Right Turn: left arm out, forearm raised, with elbow at 90-degree angle
  • Stop: left arm raised straight up
  • Slow: left arm out and angled toward ground