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Mountain Awareness

Even if we don’t live near mountains, many of us want to visit the Cascades, Adirondacks, Rockies or other mountains someday. Mountain snowmobiling is spectacular but can pose extra dangers, such as avalanches. Some avalanche areas may be posted and closed.

Be cautious of avalanche dangers throughout mountain country. Riding in these areas should only be done after receiving proper mountain riding training. Mountain snowmobilers should carry avalanche beacons, shovels, probe poles for locating people buried in snow and a portable radio to summon help.

valanche Awareness
Following are some safe travel tips for riding in avalanche country:

  1. Learn to recognize and understand avalanche potential terrain. Suspect any slope that is steeper than 30 degrees.
  2. Observe the slope orientation with respect to the sun and the wind.
  3. Be cautious of cornices.
  4. Think about the consequences of an avalanche. Will you be carried over a cliff, pushed into trees or buried deep in a gully?
  5. Travel safely, ride with a partner, carry the appropriate rescue gear and make sure everyone in your group knows how to use it.

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