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Trail Report – : Eagle River, Wisconsin – February 3, 2023

Reporter:Holly t
Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: Loose snow on a very icy base
Date of Report: February 3, 2023
Area Report:

February 3, 2023 – 7:51am – 16 below zero- High 5

Good to Very Good
Very Icy

Trail conditions are in Good to Very Good but are very icy.  The base is hard ice covered with loose snow making for VERY slippery conditions.  These conditions can get you in trouble quickly so please SLOW DOWN & RIDE RIGHT to be safe.

If you plan to ride today it’s going to be very cold.  It’s 16 below this morning & will only get to 5 degrees with wind.  Dress warm in layers.  Let someone know your riding direction. Stop more often & drink warm drinks.  Avoid alcohol.  Have a cell phone with you tucked in an inner pocket.

Last night groomers were out. Groomed:

  • Heading north from the groomer barn on 10W/13N across the new 10W swamp route Conover connect & across the Wisconsin River Bridge.
  • Trail 3N aka Manske Swamp.
  • Trail 17N to also include Trail 1 to Eagle Lake.
  • South on 10/13 through town to the intersection,  Heading south on Trail Alt 13S.
  • West from behind the Dairy Queen & Super 8 to just beyond the bridge just past the Eagle River Inn.

REMINDER – Trail 10E has a one-way section that starts at Taylor Lake Rd.  When riding & head east past the ERRA Sports Arena you ride on the south side of Hwy 70E.  This goes all the way to the gas station.  When riding & heading west from the gas station you ride on the north side of Hwy 70E.  All road crossings have signs that say DO NOT ENTER – if you are going the wrong way.  Please be aware & do not go the wrong way on these trails.

Eagle & Catfish Lake trails are marked.  Please stay by the orange reflective barrels. No change in condition. Surface is very hard.  Found it slippery in spots. Remember not all lakes are safe. 

NOTE: Off of Trail 70W after entering St. Germain is a trail locals call “The Goat” trail.  It is a Club Trail that starts at TIN 287 to TIN 288 that is CLOSED.  It is clearly marked as CLOSED with fencing & signs.  Please do not ride through this area from either direction. DO NOT RIDE ON HWY 70 as this is not legal.

Last, off trail riding is a big problem.  PLEASE STAY ON THE TRAIL & Take the Snowmobilers Pledge.


Keep DOIN’ THE SNOW DANCE!!  Slow down & Ride Safe!

Riding Saturday, tomorrow.  See ya on the trails!

News and Reports:

SNO-EAGLES EVENTS  – Wednesday & Thursday Club Rides – 9:30am to 3pm – Meet in town on Trail 10/13 by the Historic Railroad Depot

February 7 – Board of Directors meeting – 6pm – HQ Snowmobile Museum – Hwy 45N
February 10-12 – Pond Hockey – LOCATION CHANGE – WCDC Derby Track – Hwy 45N – Trail 10W/13N
February 12-15 – Weekday Away Ride to Mercer
February 16 – General Members meeting – Sweetwater 6pm – Hwy 45N
February 24-26 – World Series of Snowmobiling – WCDC Derby Track
February 25 – SNO (Saturday Night Out) Braywood Restaurant – 5pm – Catfish Lk Rd off Hwy 45S
For other Eagle River events check out –

Snowmobile Information:

Wisconsin Snowmobile Registration 
Discount Trail Pass for Snowmobile Club Members – $10 – Time to join a club!
Standard Wisconsin Trail Pass – $30
Out of State Trail Pass – $50
Vilas County Map It Trail App Excellent GPS style app of all trails in Vilas County.  Plus includes the brown 3 digit emergency numbering system. If an emergency happens call 911 & give them that number.  Also has updates on trail closures.
Groomer Tracking Systems (GTS) Gives you trails groomed in last 24, 48 & 96 hours.  Great tool.
Snowmobile Wisconsin – Know before you go!