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Trail Report – : Eagle River, Wisconsin – January 20, 2019

Reporter:Holly t
Trail Conditions: Unknown
Snow Cover: Hard base. Could use more snow
Date of Report: January 20, 2019
Area Report:

Still Early Season Riding Trails Good to Fair

January 20 2019 6:25am – 10 below – High of 4

Holy moly another deep freeze day.  This will continues through Monday when the temps will go to teens during the day & 10 degree above overnight.  Very cold again yesterday morning & the same thing this morning.  If you are going out riding be sure to dress warm in layers.  Ride with another rider & stop a few more times to warm up.

Lots of riders out even with the sub zero temps. The Groomer Drivers have been doin’ a great job with the trails in Sno-Eagles Country.  Heading out every night to groom & pan the trails.  Driving home in my car again from the Derby Track last night at about 8:45pm one of the groomers was heading back into town on Trail 10E.  When you meet the drivers give them a thumbs up!  They groom in some cases nearly all night.

A little Lake Effect SNOW yesterday.  Never know about the Lake Effect start DOIN’ THE SNOW DANCE to bring that SNOW down from over Lake Superior.  All in all the trails need more SNOW.  Which looks to be on Monday. 1-3 inches according to the weather guys.

Best riding is heading east, northeast, north, far northwest, south & southeast. Not a lot of changes.  Here’s a breakdown of areas:

  • All are SNOW covered. From Eagle River 10E is very snirty & rough from Loon Lake Rd through the woods to Bloom Rd.  It improves in the 1 way section at the Sports Arena all the way out to Phelps & Three Lakes trail connects.  That is both ways. Out & back.
  • Heading south 3/13S aka “the grade” it good until the sections where you come out onto Bloom Rd. Icy, snirty & rough areas.  No word or report on the trails into Three Lakes.
  • With the cold not much change.  Heading north with all the traffic 3/13N aka “the grade” is SNOW covered but the section after you cross Adams Rd is rough.  Needs more SNOW to fix that.  West on 10/13 aka Wisconsin River Bridge there are good & rough areas.  Icy at the bridge. 17N has is a mixed bags of riding.  Same with 1 that heads to Eagle Lake from the north.
  • The trails heading west are thin.  That starts at the Town of Lincoln Town Hall to close to the Eagle River Inn.  When you cross over to the north side of the road to cross the Rec Bridge.  Improves there.  Heading south on 7/17S it’s pretty good to the turn onto 7 aka the Paint Ball Field. In the woods on 7S good. Heading south on 17S was very mushy.  Cold last night should have changed that.  Heading west on 70 thin until after you cross Hwy 70W neat Zeman Rd.  Snow covered on the south side of the road.  Thins out when you cross over to the north side of the road.  The high hill on the north side across from the Wisconsin river is icy & snirty.

Going to see snirt at the road crossings. Plenty of sanding was done on the roads. Same for many road trails.  It is icy underneath everywhere so slow down.

Sno-Eagles Country has 2 areas that have one-way trails.  10E is a one-way trail from the ERRA Sports Arena all the way out to Nicolet Mini Mart.  The other is the 13’s up near Buckatabon Bridge & Bauer’s Dam area.  Clearly marked with DO NOT ENTER signs.  Plus trail signs are backwards if you are going the wrong way.

EAGLE LAKE TRAIL & CATFISH LAKE TRAIL ARE MARKED & OPEN. Stay by the reflective orange barrels.  Do not drift away from the barrels as it is not safe to do so.  Remember not all lakes have trails so if you don’t see marker do not ride on it to be safe.  These are the only 2 lakes that are marked in Sno-Eagles Country.  No other lake trails. 

Also there is a dusk to dawn speed limit of 55 MPH.

Lengthy report today.  Now get out & ride!

See ya on the trails! 

Holly Tomlanovich
Sno-Eagles, Inc.
Phone Trail Updates 715.479.5185
Sno-Eagles Snowmobile Club



News and Reports:
  • Wednesday & Thursday – Trail Rides – Meet at the Historic Railroad Depot on “the grade” Trail 13/3 at 9am.  Contact Club Pres., Howard Wolf 262.442.4876 
  • Friday-Sunday, January 25-27 – Women On Snow! 
  • Saturday, January 26 – SNO (Saturday Night Out) – White Stag(7141 Hwy 17 N, Sugar Camp, WI) – 5:30pm Social time – 6:00pm Dinner

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