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Trail Report: Sayner, Wisconsin – December 15, 2016

Trail Conditions: Early Season
Snow Cover: 4 to 6 average
Date of Report: December 15, 2016
Area Report:

The trails officially opened today at noon.

Conditions will vary greatly for a while. What is out there currently for snow, after panning, does not leave much. This is especially the case in sections where there were a lot of holes and ruts. So you could be on a decent smooth section one minute and and run right into a very rough section the next. So please – I cannot stress enough – USE EXTREME CAUTION!!!

The good news is we are supposed to be having a storm move through beginning sometime late tomorrow (Friday) afternoon. We are in a the 3 to 6 inch snowfall forecast zone. Snow is supposed to continue through Saturday afternoon. The bitter cold is going to continue through the weekend.

I also cannot stress enough to stay off the lakes. They are NOT considered safe. Do NOT cross or go out onto the ice until the crossings are marked.

We do have a lot of logging going on throughout different sections of our system. Please be ready for it, watch for the signs warning of logging ahead, and do NOT hassle the loggers. If they get hassled, they have the right to and WILL shut the trail down where they are logging. Be patient and stay out of their way – PLEASE!!!

Lets start this season off SAFE!!! Slow down and ride another day!!!

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